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The 10 kinds of walking the killed the cat

Body will forward when playing go, walk only tiptoe kicks to the ground, and then a bent knees, heel is upwards. The walk., should strengthen the tibia, ankle and calf exercise of power, the simplest way to walking on tiptoe, toes point ground and heel method.

Walking was hiding so many amazing benefits

He found thousands of baidu, you take two steps have no disease. This is not this mountain uncle sketch fool, actually walk is a technical process, the two legs a Michael can do simple things, which also contains a lot about the secret of health. Walking can get rid of these wrong with simple: why are there so many benefits to walk?

Walking like that can enhance renal function

“He said, is not a daily shave men less sex climax, probably because of its low male hormones, or simply because the unmarried, so less chance of having sex. As for stroke risk is high, one possible explanation is that they cycle level of sex hormones in the body, may affect the degree of fat deposition in the artery. Studies have found that a patent for a fashion model “catwalk”, has a strong kidney enhance sexual function.

25 minutes of fast walking every day open

According to foreign media reports, according to a study in Germany, a brisk walk 25 minutes a day, can prolong life seven years; For people over the age of 50 to 60 years old, the risk of heart disease can also be cut in half. Studies have pointed out that the people of normal weight if does not love sports, compared with the positive movement of the fat man, death will be 3.1 years in advance.

Like that every day walking with kidney wonders

“Walking is the father of the devil,” his pace as early as in thousands of years ago by Chinese ancient traditional Chinese medicine is discussed as “the father of the devil” this is not far off the mark. There are many studies confirm that regular pace plan, many parts can promote human body’s health.