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Five kinds of water sports Summer fitness good choice

Sorching summer, choose swimming fitness is a very happy thing. Water can protect the body from damage during exercise, still can enjoy SPA comfortable rest, let the comfortable feeling from the inside out activists and cool the people around you is not clear whether suffering from pink eye, so don’t share with others items, should bring their own towels and switch to a clothes, don’t rub your eyes when you swim

Let a man starched tips: need to prepare a pot of water

Many times some of the wife think her husband’s penis is small, worried that will affect the sex life, this view is clearly false. To do not make sexual function decline, naked sleep in the evening the best, let little brother a breath of fresh air, and cooling small bag bag, strengthen the function of testis. When a full erection insert, can let the little brother pull down a bit, will strengthen the hardness, but be careful don’t break it.

Coke add MSG not “aphrodisiac water”

Some posts recently said: coke can produce monosodium glutamate aphrodisiac effect. A new study suggests that the so-called “monosodium glutamate syndrome” and MSG is not too big relations, but caused by microbial contamination or a variety of ingredients mixed. Dietitian Lin Xia said, coke with high sugar content, eat too much, easy to cause dental caries, obesity and abnormal blood sugar, in addition to all this coke contains phosphate and calcium loss is easy to cause the human body.