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Look that woman couple life satisfaction

Taiwan women’s health institute (WHAT) a new survey has found that when women enjoy the pleasant sensation in the sex, usually through words of love and facial expressions, and partners share their satisfaction; On the other hand, if feel lost, even if the words do not say, expressions can also sell them.

Woman 5 big physical privacy exposure truth

The truth: in a nutshell, from cervicitis in precancerous lesions usually have five symptoms: the first is, bleeding after sexual life. The truth: exactly what kind of people likely to develop cervical cancer, mainly concentrated in the following 10 kinds of people, as long as you avoid the occurrence of the following circumstances, can from cervical cancer. 9, had cervical lesions, such as chronic cervicitis not treated, reproductive tract malignant tumor history of women;

99% of men don’t know how to attract a woman

A lot of men in their favorite woman all want to succeed, but often the chance of success is not so ideal, in fact, because men in attracting women made stupid mistakes. So the next time when you get to the Internet, or in a coffee shop, or in a bookstore, pay attention to these guidelines and to do it, then your chances of success will be a sharp spike.

Eight little detail expose a woman that desires

Sex is adult men and women’s physiological needs, the man is active, he will direct expression or directly if you want to get started, but women tend to be more passive, they wouldn’t tell you, but you can use a few little detail see her thoughts at this time. At this point, should use the arms around her, touched her back slowly, not only can let her relax, also can arouse her inner desire.

Woman is the most care about this matter

Expert view: sex sensitive area is different from person to person, everyone like love way is different also, so it’s very important to keep attention and communication. Expert view: women more slowly than the male sexual excitement, also after orgasm Tui elimination is slow, the man will continue to give some stimulation, help her Tui slowly disappear.

Looking for class 1 woman life the best of the most popular, man

Women face shape can be roughly divided into four kinds of forms, gold, wood, water, fire, respectively. She is wood form seeds mouth wood form the female’s character is very smooth, but the drawback is sentimental, pessimistic attitude to love easily. Said above three faces of the combination of Huang Jinwang phase is: a, flesh and bone up; Second, the eyes not dew; Three, and look in his eye.

This time again let a woman the most unforgettable

For married men, sex like dressing for dinner, gradually turned into a habit of life. But, in fact, women for some special sex lifetime all remember, just follow below small make up together and see it. Maybe tonight is not your first, but the key is you want to mobilize all the senses, or at least another way to stimulate them.

The man a little affectations make woman super comfortable

Some men said, “I don’t attract a woman, because we have a car, no house, no money, was not handsome”. Women look at the man’s eyes are not limited to external, actually men some of the traits that attract women. Many women see men will want to wipe the sweat, and this is a good time to attract women.