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Men and women orgasm body how the magic happens?

Orgasm, although only a few minutes, to take to person’s joy can last more than 10 days. , according to the “MSNBC” sex the wonderful feeling of peak generates a series of chemicals, let a person aftertaste that wonderful moment, often keep a good mood. Orgasm is reached the peak of the extreme pleasure when men and women in sexual life, the body is a series of magic happens. The line between male and female orgasms? How to distinguish between men and women reached orgasm? P elder sister share can give you the answer today.

Women urine after wipe or not

What do you want to wipe after women to urinate? In fact the process of urination, as well as the body toxins out of the process, through urine, can put out toxins, with a paper towel to wipe, can avoid the happening of urine is endless.

To count the semen of men’s and women’s health benefits!

Sex male sperm injection is has the function of a normal man, semen can pass the vagina, ovulating female fertility. But sperm can only let the woman pregnant? Semen for men and women mean? What are the benefits of semen for woman? Believe that the article P elder sister share today can help you…

Women hip big how bad life can be seen from the hips

New research at Diana kerwin, says Dr, no doubt, the influence of obesity on health, hip fat may lead to the formation of a blood clots in the brain, lead to alzheimer’s disease and brain blood flow. To this, Dr Kerwin advice, hip obese women should be actively to lose weight, although adipose accumulation position cannot be changed, but less fat, health will be more.

Most women like men what kind of figure

For women of the world, man shape good hip is the most important part of the man. The next is to look at the boy’s character, whether the girl will try to ask the boy flower heart ah, is temperamental, usually have several girlfriend ah, love to play with men still love to play with girls, and so on.

How to get the favour of women 40 years old man

The longing for love, every man is, when the goddess of the men in the face of their love, will be particularly hope can quickly catch her heart to be fond of her, introduces for you below small make up on some of the ways to quickly get women favor, try to move the heart of the goddess. Women appreciate a man more active protected sex, this makes the women think is of concern to protect themselves, can let her sense of security to you quickly get promoted.

Women don’t do eight couples moments

Man has been positioning into “active” in the sex, sexologists often reminded them: not too rude, foreplay to longer, later need to tenderness, etc.” Suggest that we must make a sound, when sex low moans and simple praise is perfect sex “catalyst”, is a great encouragement to partner.