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After 40 years old half of men with erectile dysfunction One method is to overcome the key!

According to data shows, the Chinese male disease incidence rate is as high as 51%; Above 40 years old to about 50% of men with erectile dysfunction; 30 to 40 years old of men have sexual dysfunction was 20% to 30%. So, how to avoid sexual dysfunction? How to make the middle-aged couples spend “sex” crisis? On the arrival of the Chinese valentine’s day phoenix health invite guo, director of the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital male action for you. ,

Extend the life of the knee 40 years, use this recruit

After middle age, a lot of people in order to keep fit, often went to climb a mountain, or take the stairs instead of the elevator, but the results will be knee pain. Was confused at this moment, how to exercise the body exercise also go wrong here? Whether it’s run and jump squat down on his knees, many habits will inadvertently affect the knee joint. And knee problems also gradually in the younger.

50 years old man husband and wife life will know before 7

Warm touching foreplay, helps the body completely relaxed, is beneficial to fully erect penis, also can effectively prolong sex. Men in the fifties, the glans penis will gradually lose the color of purple, this is mainly because the blood running decreased, moreover, the penis skin becomes slack. From 50 to 70 years old, the penis size shrink 1 — 3 cm, but it won’t keep.

How to get the favour of women 40 years old man

The longing for love, every man is, when the goddess of the men in the face of their love, will be particularly hope can quickly catch her heart to be fond of her, introduces for you below small make up on some of the ways to quickly get women favor, try to move the heart of the goddess. Women appreciate a man more active protected sex, this makes the women think is of concern to protect themselves, can let her sense of security to you quickly get promoted.

Married men eat it every day, let you points minutes fast kidney, the body back to 20 years old

There are many “man cave” in traditional Chinese medicine, take a few minutes a day, insist for a long time can have the effect of kidney strong sun. Black sesame seed for hair loss due to kidney deficiency, early white, dry skin, constipation of middle-aged and old friends to eat, can directly eat or stir until cooked. Add to the pastry. 3: black fungus, mulberry, black buckwheat, sea cucumber, fleece-flower root, etc the black food is also very beneficial to the kidney.